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Headmaster's day out

Posted on Sat Apr 2nd, 2022 @ 1:44pm by Headmaster Palmer Elizabeth

Mission: Unity
Location: Nightforest - Whispering Phoenix pub & inn


Palmer sat at her desk in her office, it was once more another restless night, Prof Chainsaw had taken some of the student's on a camping trip and if it backfired then it would be Palmer's fault despite her not being anywhere near it. She was looking through the Academica reports, students' O.W.l.S predictions, 1st year's progress, N.E.W.T.S predictions and if the new regime wanted to do change the whole exam, she needed a pretty good argument for it not to be changed to whatever they created.

The headache that overcame Palmer made her brush all the papers to her right onto the floor, Palmer reclined back in her seat and looked at the peppers on the floor. As she let out a sigh of heated air she stood up out of her seat, grabbed the jacket that rested on the coat stand and her handbag full of her nicks and nacks near the office door and as she left the room she threw on the black button-up jacket and walked down the golden stairs of Castelobruxo and as she grasped the handle of the wooden door that laid up against a tree she was transported into the Whispering Phoenix in Nightforest.

The place was barely lit but had a comfortable and warm atmosphere, Palmer walked up towards the bar and placed her backside down onto the backless stool slamming her handbag she spoke sadly to the young female Bartender that looked at her "Firewhisky." As the bartender went away to pour the booze from the bottle Palmer withdrew her purse and as the Bartender returned and issued the step price of ☾75 Palmer coughed it up. She now looked at this short class with orange liquid inside of it and picked it up and threw it to the back of her throat and gulped it and as brunt, her throat as it made its way down Palmer let out a squeak of pain, she hadn't drunk any alcohol since her days working in the offices of the Ministry of Magic. "Again," Palmer said over and over, after drink after drink. After maybe her 12th? She made new friends who also liked to drink...

She now sat at a table with people she had never met before. "If... If... I ever meet this *The Oracle* I will give him a piece of my mind," She said then turned to the bold man who sat beside her holding a glass bottle tapping his chest she continued "I am the Headteacher of our great school Castelobruxo... And I simply cannot run it... With these... With these cuts... I wasn't a very good teacher and now I'm not a very good Headteacher... Speaking of which. I MUST RETURN!" she decreed after taking another sip of Firewhisky then grabbed her bag, jacket and stumbled out the door into Nightforest.

As she stumbled around the place, grabbing onto lamp posts and swinging herself around them she started to kick and fall over various objects, she kicked a bin over and fell over it while laughing on the ground. A Civil Protection Officer came around the corner with his wand out after seeing it was
the usual, a drunk he simply put it away. "76th this week and I ain't even hungry," He said with a deep voice, picking her up and putting her onto her feet he started between her eyes, into her soul "Ma'am under the Citizen Protection Act I am taking you into custardy for Public nuisance," and grabbed her arm, leading her towards the station based in Nightforest.

To be continued...



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