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Land ahoy!

Posted on Thu Apr 14th, 2022 @ 7:15pm by Professor Sabrina III Chainsaw-Hecate & Fifth Year Sylphs Student Prince Malykhin & Third Year Hufflepuff Student Remus Flower & Third Year Sylphs Student Tifa Valentine & First Year Undines Student Milena Cabral & First Year Daulphine Student Rehan Paul & Third Year Sylphs Student Elisabeth Harper

Mission: Unity
Location: Amazon Forest


Entrance Lobby

Sabrina despite being the newest teacher and head of house despite never teaching before in her life ended up with the school trips that would be gifted as a "good riddance" to the 40 year old grumpy and mislabel teachers, like her predecessor Maleficent but regardless she was looking forward to getting to know the students, camping and surviving in the wild for a few days but unofficially it was for everyone to get along again this trip was either for troublemakers or people with strong anger issues. Standing in the lobby wearing simply a pair of jeans, jacket and a water proof coat while holding a clipboard ready to tick off students.

Third-year student Tifa Valentine walked into the lobby setting her backpack down. The young witch didn't even notice that she wasn't the first to arrive, she was wearing dark green shorts with a sleeveless buttoned-down tanned shirt with a black belt around the middle. Leather knee-high boots for hiking and a tan hat that was folded up on one side to block the sun. Double-checking her pack to be sure everything was there she finally looked around realizing she wasn't the only one there. But Tifa didn't exactly trust the DADA's current teacher.

Third Year student Elisabeth Harper arrived dressed in practica gear for an outdoors expedition, and set her rucksack down. It was the first time since the school attack she'd been anywhere near another witch or wizard and it felt good to be back amongst her own kind and not stuck at home with her parents.

First Year Milena Cabral arrived and set her pack down on the floor, her time away from the school had been fruitful, but now she was ready to resume her magical education. Milena Cabral was dressed in suitable gear for their trip, but it also looked like it amounted to combat gear.

Rehan strolled in with his backpack into the forest area. Finally something which he can actually enjoy. Having gone back to India during the unrest he was unsure whether he would be able to return or not. On top of that, the magic department of the MEA was posing a lot of trouble. The thing was, the new govt had not been recognised yet, and this especially hindered his visa application process. Thank goodness Prof Rajnil knew some people in the dept which finally got his visa approved. Well, now was time to relax though, and he was going to enjoy it.

Prince & Remus both tumbled in wearing the same but with different colours, shorts and a shirt but Prince had a hood to protect his Vampire skin from the sunlight together they placed their bags on the floor. This would be the first time since they got back they would be a couple in public eye and the first date they would go in.

"Alright, everyone!" Sabrina shouted to quickly get everyone's attention. "Firstly Good Morning I hope you've packed enough sun cream, clothes and snacks. Reminder wands are allowed but only in emergencies and for fun once we get to the spot. So our route if anyone had bothered to read the issued documents. We'll be going through the Rainforest for 4 hours, it'll get warm, you'll have to climb rocks, vines we should reach Lonely Town which is close to the border of the Federal Republic of Brazilan Magic in the afternoon then up Lonely Peaks and by the night we should be all setup.

Milena Cabral and Elisabeth Harper shook their heads, they had nothing they wished to ask, both were super super excited to get this new adventure underway, and as far as they were both concerned, the sooner the better.

Tifa shook her head eying Prince glad to see a friendly face. She gave him a slight nod before swinging her pack onto her back. The Tifa gave her undivided attention to the teacher. Granted she didn't really trust her, but that was beside the point right now. ~I'll just keep my guard up.~ Tifa thought to herself.

"Alright, let me drop this at the Headmaster's office and we'll get moving," Sabrina said then proceeded to turn down the corridor behind the stairs with the clipboard and later returned to all the students with their backpacks on then picked hers up and swung it onto her back "Alright," She said looking at everyone, doing a headcount and making sure no one had popped out to the loo.

Amazon Rainforest

Sabrina lead at the front while Prince brought up the rear it had been maybe 2 or 3 hours walk the sun had tired the party, mostly Prince since he was the only Vampire with no love for the sun but still coped with it. While Remus who was in front of Prince pushed away from something with thorns he looked around at everyone else who was close, took different paths but still in eyesight. "Professor," Called out Prince "Think we should take a break now yeah? Rest up?"

Sabrina was poking the bushes with a stick she picked up after Prince's suggestion she looked around at the group, seeing their red faces she replied. "Yeah, let's stop here folks!" Then looked around for a bit where maybe they could sit together. Looking around she spotted a clearing around a great big tree pointing it out she said "let's rest near there,"

Prince and Remus both flocked towards the pointed spot, dropping their hiking bags they both dropped like a sack of potatoes. Both grabbing their water from the bag they took a sip while Sabrina still kept an eye out of the others.

Milena Cabral and Elisabeth Harper took the chance to sit down and rest, and take a much-needed drink of water, this was turning out to be quite the adventure, and both of them were loving every minute of it so far.

Tifa had stayed to herself mostly using her ice magic to form a machete to help cut through the foliage. The last time she was in the Amazon Rain Forest she'd had a real one. One of the reasons she'd kept to herself was in case her friendly ghostly mentor had made an appearance. Now that they were stopping for a moment. Tifa looked around finding a place near yet far from the group. She didn't trust them since the fight broke out at the school she didn't know who was friend or foe. The night she'd helped others escape she'd seen Remus attacking rather than defending. Seeing a tree she climbed it and sat on a branch leaning back against the trunk using her cold magic to keep any insects or spiders or snakes away. Reaching into her pack she grabbed her water bottle.

Sabrina noticed Tifa had decided to become a bird instead of a human. So she turned her Metamorphmagus self into a bright pink Victoria crowned pigeon and flew up to Tifa, settling down on the branch Tifa sat on but further back, "What's the matter?" Sabrina asked as the birds' peacock-like head returned back to its Human face of Sabrina while the body struggled with the weight change "Keeping watch? It's very thoughtful of you but we are quite safe."

Tifa hadn't actually turned into a bird she was just sitting on a branch. She looked at the face of the teacher and arched her brow at her slightly. "Can never be too safe, besides, after what happened at the school how do you expect us to trust so easily? I saw my friends cut down by Remus and he's just sitting here like he's one of us. Your relative helped in killing my friends also." Tifa pointed out.

"Well Maleficent was a bounty hunter so she had been cutting hordes of people down for years," Sabrina replied "And for Remus, I completely understand murder tears apart the soul, damage that cannot be repaired and anyways Prince forgave him and their friendship seems to better than ever before... Maybe you'll find your soulmate we are heading for the Lonely Town where they don't get many visitors."

Tifa looked Sabrina in the eyes. "Why should I trust Prince or Remus just because Prince has forgiven him? That doesn't mean anything to me except that Prince forgave him. I do not know Remus outside of the fact that he was Prince's lover and He killed friends of mine at school. It was my first year there. Prince may have found me and befriended me, however..." Tifa trailed off a look of hurt passing through her eyes. "I do not know how to trust someone who simply forgets that his friends were murdered by Remus," Tifa said after pushing the hurt look away. Honestly, she hated that she felt that way, but she couldn't stop seeing the student she was trying to help escape the school drop to the ground and Remus walking away. mostly because she hadn't been able to save the student that had died. She hadn't been able to use the defensive or offensive spell that Filipa Freitas had taught her.

"Prince lost friends too," Sabrina replied "His anger when he saw Remus on the other side turned into rage and with that rage, he tried to kill Remus instead that rage directed his spells into Prof Chainsaw... Stay angry all you like, but that anger will affect your learning. You're a bright student you could go far but further if you let this anger go."

"I'm not angry. Anger and distrust have nothing to do with each other. I don't have to trust any of you to learn from you I just watch my back to make sure you don't stab me in it." Tifa told her as calm as ice which was her primary power. "Time will be the only judge on if trust can be restored I know where I belong and where I'm going. Do you?"

"My whole world is in our world," Sabrina replied "You? American law doesn't allow Muggle-borns and Half-Bloods. If you want to leave then think very hard about it. You're a 3rd year so you will be sharing subjects like Charms or whatever electives with him, you can avoid him at break and lunch but not when you have an hour in a classroom with him. We have to make peace with our enemy otherwise we'll become them."

"Like I said I don't have to trust you to learn from you, I'm staying right here and continuing my studies. My father taught me to never be rude, if I have to work with Remus and Prince fine, doesn't mean I have to trust them, and yeah I can avoid them anytime I like, unlike Remus who chased Prince around like a lost pup until Prince gave in, neither of them is chasing me around trying to be my friend." Tifa said with a shrug. "So relax professor I hold no enemies in my heart or thoughts."

Prince noticed the sudden change and quick movement of the teacher. "Here, since she's not looking," Prince said to the group rumouring through his bag, he pulled out a paper bag of different kinds of sweets "Take one, I might have something else if you don't like these... I prefer the Peppermint toads for the taste, not the jumping in the stomach."

Milena Cabral and Elisabeth Harper both helped themselves to a sweet from the bag Prince held out "I agree Peppermint toads are tasty," Milena said to Prince "I see what you mean," Elisabeth chimed in with, both girls had sweet tooths and anything sweet would do them just fine.

Tag @everyone in or out of a tree ;)

Remus's hand crept across into the bag of goodies and stuffed his mouth, "I haven't seen you guys around much," Remus remarked "Any plans for the future? I know what I'm gonna do when I get back to school anyways, hang with my buddies in the 6th year and pull a hair changing jinx on a teacher, any teacher,"

“Hey um, can I have a sweet too?” Rehan asked Prince nervously. None of his friends were on the trip, so he was feeling quite lonely and bored. He liked sweets, so when he saw some being distributed, he thought of getting some and in the process socialise a bit.

"Sure little dude," Prince said with a wide smile across his face as he moved the bag of goodies towards the young soul that joined the gathering. Then he looked up at Tifa and Sabrina in the tree "What do you think they're talking about?" He said.

"Ah thanks!" Rehan helped himself. He looked at Tifa and Sabrina on the tree. "Who knows? Maybe about the conflict at school? As far as I saw, she always looked a bit detached during this trip."

Tifa turned away from the teacher as there seemed to be nothing further to comment on and reached into her pack for her water bottle. Unlike Professor Chainsaw-Hecate Tifa hadn't needed to turn into a bird to fly onto the branch. As she drank from her bottle she arched one eye at Sabrina as if waiting for her to continue or leave her in peace until it was time to move on.

"Alright everyone," Sabrina called out to the people below her "Let's get moving, I want to get there before night hits up," With that note, Sabrina transitioned into a rainbow Kyte and gently glided down to where the rest of the students rested and then transitioned back into Human form and saddled her hiking bag like a horse.



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