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Just fire me already

Posted on Thu Mar 10th, 2022 @ 2:24pm by Headmaster Palmer Elizabeth

Mission: Broken Unity
Location: Ministry of Education & Skills
Timeline: During post "Back to School"


Palmer had been called to the Ministry of Education & Skills like a dog. She brought with her the basics of a governor meeting though there were no governors anymore much to her disappointment. But the evil Misa Claus, Harriet Nolan didn't care about the school, not since the governors threw her out when she lead them anyways much of her time was cutting Castelobruxo budget for Witches and Wizards job hunting schemes or the "research" into the depths of the jungle, everyone who went on that was forced it seems but they never came back or sent a letter home.

Working into the meeting with many bags Palmer sat herself down at her seat, she did this show at the start and somehow had to do it again but this time it was a little informal, the crowds of advisors and staff weren't around which in itself was cryptic they are like ants at a panic. But after waiting for what seemed like forever, Harriet entered "Sorry for the delay," She stated speed walking to a seat across from Palmer. "We've been keeping a close eye on you, since our last meeting. Let's just say I'm not impressed. Replacement would be excellent, someone with experience like Professor Rajnil Mukherjee we hear he's back from that little break. But our God wants you... So as Minister for Education & Skills I will be appointing an Overseer who will have the authority from my department to get those grades back up. Also, you were planning for a camping trip to build leadership and repair broken social bonds?"

Palmer wasn't impressed, she wasn't good at most things that she knew but she knew when someone was trying to get her angry, a skill you learn from teaching. "Actually before I talk about what I have planned I want to discuss staffing since you will be staffing someone there who I don't have a say against. I've brought back the Pastoral Care and Financial Director roles from when they were cancelled when Victor Goldric became Headmaster, with your cutting of my budget I need someone to aid me with it and with the damage your God has effected on my school I need someone to look after the mental wellbeing as their doing school work." Palmer stopped herself and took a deep breath in, she was starting to work herself up.

"Furthermore," Palmer continued "This campaign trip will be headed up by new DADA teacher and various other members of staff allowing students to get to know them, they'll be taken to the Lonely Peaks campsite which is inside the Juggle students will learn how to survivor in the juggle, gathering such items for fire in case their wand is lost or stolen and pitching their own tents which they will share, 4 students per tent. Guardians have been contacted about this, consent is sought while Students are being offered to go. I'm expecting quite a few to sign up wanting to get away from exams still."

"Quite a few isn't good enough," Harriet said standing behind a wooden seat. "We share a common goal, wanting to educate the young so they can become great, brilliant, wonderful members of society. I have given you many changes Ms Elizabeth but you've wasted them and my patience so I must take extreme measures now... Thanks for your time, don't try to make plans without coming to me first or your newly appointed Overseer."



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