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Runaway Part 2

Posted on Thu Mar 10th, 2022 @ 1:32pm by Fifth Year Sylphs Student Prince Malykhin & Third Year Hufflepuff Student Remus Flower

Mission: Broken Unity
Location: School Grounds

Prince the 5th year sat with his friend, the 6th year Sylvestre Richard the blond hunk from Beauxbaton house of Cossu who Prince always sought when he needed to be confronted together they sat under an old oak tree which Prince had sat at for an hour after forcing Remus back. This place was the only area where Prince didn't show Remus so he and his friend were safe. Sylvestre saw what happened he was always in the Herbology fields but he showed Prince this hiding spot, the oak tree was hallowed and could fit at least 2 people so even if it rained there wasn't a need to go indoors.

"You know what must be done," Sylvestre said in his heavy French accent fidgeting with his wand "You must listen to what Remus wants to say. Otherwise, you'll be wondering for the rest of your life about what he wants to say."

"I don't want to talk to him," Prince said sitting up against the insides of the tree starting at the bark, face soaked in his own tears "Why do something so evil? There is nothing wrong with his home... Oh. He didn't want to talk about that... I don't want to date again, there could be someone like him but perhaps eviler."

"I have class now. Go to yours or I will tell your head of house" Sylvestre said grabbing his bags from the dirt ground and walked through the surrounding bushes and Prince was left alone again with only his thoughts, he rather not focus on his O.W.L.S as his bachelor plans evolved to have Remus in them but now de-evolving was hard.

However Sylvestre was devious as was the French way, he didn't have a class for another hour. He went to the outdoor Care of Magical Creatures classroom where he knew Remus was, he rarely met Remus but he knew a lot about from the sob story told by Prince and thought his favourite lesson would be the place to start and he was right. Remus was knelt down beside a cage that had a spider inside and an empty cage on top.

"Mister Remus?" Sylvestre said he didn't have much to go on except he was British and wore his Hogwarts robes but made eye contact with the back of him as he was kneeling down "I wish to talk to about Prince? I'm his friend."

"Everyone who isn't cool is Prince's friend," Remus said depressingly standing up "...Look I love him still alright? I just want to work things out if he wants to end this. I want to hear it from him"

"I know where he's hiding," Sylvestre said then waved him over, "Come, come. Don't worry I'm not going to lure you into the woods and attack you." Then left the arch entrance, entered the woods and took the winding path to the hallowed out old oak tree and such enough, Prince still sat inside, not paying attention to anything except his own thoughts.

"Prince," Remus said softly and knelt down preventing Prince from exiting his hole and running once again. "Look I'm sorry okay? I have my own reasons why I did the things I did okay? But I am really and truly sorry I didn't know it would hurt you and everyone this bad but I still love you, I still want you. I understand if you don't want me but can we at least be friends?"

"...Sure," Prince replied after seeing there wasn't a way pushing past him. "I've missed you," He said wrapping his arms around Remus, embarrassing him as a mother does with her children "But I want to talk about this okay? I want a new start."

To be continued...


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