Long road home

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Mission: Unity
Location: Amazon Rainforest

Sabrina wasn't happy that she had to take the students back to the school and call it short without evening starting it. She wanted to prove to the Headmaster and Teachers that even if she is young, she still has the desire to teach but she didn't want to endanger the students she started to know and started to like too.

A giant emerged in the distance from between 2 trees and its stomping through the forest got possibly be heard from miles. Tall, scruffy hair, shorts from the pelts of animals, and wielding a club

Sabrina heard the stomping before she cloaked the Giant, with what occurred at Lonely Town she shot down to the ground, "Down, down, down" she repeatedly whispered.

Prince and Remus were walking together, not really paying attention to what was around them trying to keep their spirits high when Sabrina said down Prince shot down but Remus shot to a tree and slumped himself up against it.

Elisabeth and Milena hit the deck as soon as the professor spoke, neither of them wanted to tempt fate with whatever was making all that noise, lying low was the best thing to do, so lying low they were.

Tifa didn't really need to be told she could hear the heavy footsteps of something and ducked down behind a tree and bush combo along the path they were walking.

Polly had deliberately fallen behind the group when she heard the rumblings louder than Bebé's engine. When up ahead she saw the group illuminated by the headlights ducking down onto the ground, Polly saw this as her cue to do the same, as she shut off Bebé's engine and lights before ducking out of the passenger side and scurrying clear of the muggle car before lying in the ditch beside the trail.

Casey dove for cover in a ditch, half full of water. "oh man..." he groaned.

Sabrina stood up, mud over her chest dripping. "What was it running from?" Before she could even begin to question, 2 shadowy figures could be made out from the devastation in the giant's wake, 1 skinny and curvy possibly a witch and the other brawny, definitely a wizard. The wizard raised what was a pointy stick and began to say "Acci-" in a deep tone of voice but the Witch forced his hand down. "Don't! It's dark, and besides. It won't be worth it anyways." She then faced her body back to where they and the giant came from. "Let's get back,"

As they exited, returning back to the depths of the darkness, Sabrina jumped up again, covered in even more mud. "Come on, up." She ordered with her wand withdrawn now, she was very anxious because she knew exactly who they were. "Poachers," she said help, getting Remus to come out from behind the tree he was behind "Hunt, kill anything just to sell. The reason why giants like him are endangered.

"We have to do something Professor," Remus said brushing himself down, he loved animals and wanted to pursue a career in them. "We have to go after them," taking a quiet tone "Something has to be done," he knew, the only person that did a thing was the Brazilian Ministry that he helped destroy its influence over the region.

"Don't be stupid," Prince said from his muddy bath, "A bunch of students and teachers? What could we do that would to take on a full camp of witches and wizards who are skilled in spells? Leviso them into the air?" combing his hair through his black shaggy hair as he took a breath, he wanted to love Remus again but current events made it hard. "It's not our problem."

"I agree." Polly said, brushing the mud off of her. "Having been the unfortunate target of such hunters back in Chile, I've learned to never engage them unless I have the full backing of the pack, which I do not have at the moment. Besides, werewolves are a higher value target to hunters such as those, and it would be best if we don't advertise my presence to them."

"Getting help would be the best course of action in our opinion," Elisabeth and Milena said together.

"There's absolutely nothing we can do, after all, we couldn't even protect ourselves or our school so why bother trying to go against Poachers or would you rather let them finish killing us off since you and the ministry failed?" Tifa asked Remus with an arched brow. She didn't trust him, hell she barely trust any of them anymore. Trust was fragile, once broken it was hard to repair. Actually, that's not completely true, she didn't trust the professor, Remus or Prince, but the others hadn't done anything to harm her or those around her. Prince, she didn't trust because of his relationship to Remus.

Remus felt kind of burned and hurt by Tifa, he had his reasons why. Everyone hated him, he had lost his entire reputation at Castelobruxo but they were right, all of their problems were because of him. "Fine." He whispered back to the group under the cover of darkness and stars "If you don't want to save these precious animals from extinction." His hands looking more likely to exit the straps. "I will."Like a flash, his back dropped to the ground right beside Prince.

Polly was making her way back to Bebé when she heard a scuffle behind her. When she turned around and saw Remus running into the woods, she crossed her arms and shook her head disapprovingly before returning to the muggle car.

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Thoughts? Should we go after the poachers? Should we get help?

"Remus!" Sabrina shouted as quickly as possible but with no effort, she quickly withdrew her wand, her mind was processing spells to cast which was displayed on her exhausted face, by the time she thought of a harmless spell, *Accio*, it was too late, he had disappeared into the jungle. Sabrina now looked sick with panic and worry, her hands on the back of her head, contemplating her next move but even more quickly now.
"Okay, right," She said sharply looking around. "Everyone set up camp over by." She then pointed to a fallen-down tree. "I'll go get him."

Before anyone could get a word in, Sabrina had transferred herself into a raven scarlet red in colour showing what emotion she felt. Anger. Her rucksack hit the ground close by the group.

Prince, being the only one left now with some sort of trusted rank by the school needed to take charge. "Come on," Prince said motioning everyone to follow him to the area Sabrina had pointed at. But he was scared, he had never been this deep into the Rainforest before. Swishing and waving his wand cutting the various foliage as he pushed towards the tree picking up his teacher's backup. "We'll set up the tent, have food... We need a rest after all this walking," trying to stay positive. "Who wants to do what?" Prince was now trying to create order in a broken system.

Polly turned back to the group from the parked muggle car. A concerning thought crossed her mind; she hadn't even thought of the group's food situation, and she feared that someone, likely her, would have to go out and hunt, and if Polly were to do so, she would have to assume her wolf form, as she was a better hunter as a wolf than as a human.

"What even is our food situation, Prince?" She spoke up.

"Uhm," Prince said, throwing his and Sabrina's backpack down and kneeling down beside the two, rummaging around in both he quickly came to the conclusion. "Not enough to stay here for a day. So... We'll have to leave by morning if we want enough food to have before we get back." Then his mind clicked, remembering the little stealing imps that inhabited these woods. "Caipora. They'll probably take our food regardless of where we put our packs... So we probably won't have food by the morning."

Tifa had stood quietly glaring in the direction that Remus had run. She had seen the hurt look he'd given her after what she said and it had angered her more. "How dare that idiot... To act as if what I said hurt him." She was muttering dark snowstorm clouds formed overhead at her anger as the ice moved slowly from where she stood towards the direction that Remus had gone. "After everything he had the nerve to act as if what I said hurt him, he betrayed the school, his friends, and people died because of his actions and he had the nerve to feel pain instead of guilt at what I said which was nothing more than the truth..." Her hands fisted at her side. "The idiot! There's food and water in my pack that should help." She growled and without even thinking dropped her own pack and ran after him, just because she didn't trust him or Sabrina for that matter she didn't want their deaths on her consciousness either. How stupid did you have to be to run off on your own anyways without help? She didn't need to trust him to watch his back. unlike Remus, she wouldn't stab him in the back.

Sighing at the food situation, Polly opened the back door of the Impala and began stripping down, throwing her clothes into the car's backseat.

"Fine. I'll go get us some food that we can cook." She grumbled. "Don't bother following me. I wouldn't want to cause your death or serious injury to weigh on my consciousness."

And before anybody could object, Polly transformed into her wolf form and bounded off into the woods, leaving Bebé where she was parked. Polly's goal wasn't to find Remus and Sabrina, but rather to find food that the rest of the group could cook.

Prince completely spun run, coming face to face with Tifa. He had respected her for some time, seen her as an equal but who was she to call Remus things like an idiot and imply he was looked out for himself? "Tifa." Prince started, trying not to raise his voice. "Remus is not an idiot. The only idiot here is you, he's been in the wizarding world longer than you! You have no right in saying things like that about him, the man I love!" Prince was clearly angry, his face had turned red, and stood in an aggressive pose.

"Then you're an idiot to!" Tifa slides to a halt turning to look at Prince her anger getting stronger. At least I didn't betray the school and my friends! and that idiot is going to get himself killed if you love him why are you just sitting on your ass rather while that idiot runs off to fight poachers and let them know they aren't alone in this forest so they can hunt us down next and kill us or do you guys just like watching your friends die! so yeah I have every right to call Remus an idiot twice over. He betrayed us and expects everything to be fine then runs off to fight poachers on his own to get himself killed and risking all over our lives again. Get your head out of your ass Prince and help me stop him before he gets us all killed!" Tifa yelled and continued in the direction that Remus had gone muttering about how everyone around her didn't think except for Polly.

Remus runs off to face the poachers, Sabrina runs off in animal form like that's going to help since the poachers are hunting animals, and Prince is just sitting on his laurels while Polly goes hunting for food in wolf form ok so not exactly the best-considering poachers, but at least she was considering doing it away from the group so she didn't hurt anyone but still come on POACHERS people!!! and yet she was also running after the betrayer to keep him from getting them all killed but at least she was in human form. She didn't realize that ice was still forming around her causing the animals in the area to run away leaving the poachers and possibly them without anything to hunt.

Elisabeth and Milena just wanted to get the hell out of there and get to safety, this whole scenario was getting out of control.