Going Back For A Special Someone...

Posted on Sun Apr 24th, 2022 @ 10:33pm by Fifth Year Ravenclaw Student Millicent McIntyre

Milly had departed the Falkland Islands for Castelobruxo. But, before she had done so; she had left a letter in the Silverthornes' care, in case she didn't come back alive:

'Mum, Dad;

If you're reading this, then the Silverthornes have probably sent this to you because of my untimely death. Not sure if you've been keeping up on the latest in the politics of Brazil, but safe to say; things aren't looking too good: Castelobruxo has been taken over by a group of cultists, who now refer to their leader as the 'God-Emperor' of their little parcel of Brazil.

After the school fell, Professor Sanchez took me to Argentina, and from there, I made my way to the Falkland Islands to bunk with the Silverthornes until things blew over or I was summoned to help defeat these freaks. But alas, I have decided to return before either of those things have happened, based purely on whisperings that the girl I've been writing you about has returned to the school, and I made a promise to her before the school fell that I must fulfill.

Yes, I realize the cultists might full well have manufactured the rumor as a trap, which is why I have left this letter behind in the Silverthornes' care. If all goes well; they should never have to send it; but if they have, and the letter gets to you; just know that, in my final breaths, you were among the people I was thinking of.

Yours truly,