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Just doesn't feel the same

Posted on Sun Mar 13th, 2022 @ 9:59pm by Third Year Sylphs Student Tifa Valentine

Personal Diary Entry: Just doesn't feel the same.

By: Tifa Valentine

Tifa was in her room gathering together items she would need for the camping trip. Though the young witch in training didn't think she would need her textbooks after surviving the amazon, Tifa still packed them in her pack. Reaching for her diary she looked to the unfinished entry.

'It just doesn't feel right, being back at school. It was the same school, mostly the same people - it just felt different. There is a kind of tension in the air, not all the students have returned either. Despite Professor Mukherjee helping to make my return to school a smoother process, I feel as if some of the students watch me more closely.

I do not know if this camping trip will help to smooth out this tension, I just wish I knew what more I could do other than stay to myself and focus on my studies.'

Tifa sighed at what she had written so far and reached for her quill. Tapping the feather tip to her lip she thought of what else to add to the entry. She shook her head over all the thoughts there that weren't reaching the paper, she didn't trust the safety or security of her room, she didn't trust that someone wouldn't try to read her diary.

'Hopefully, the camping trip will prove, exactly, what is needed to help the students, myself included to figure out how to move forward.'

Tifa put her quill and her diary back in the hiding spot she used magically sealed it with a spell that would incinerate the book if anyone should lift the sealing spell on her hiding place. Then Tifa moved to finish packing what she would need to go camping. Touching her necklace that her mom had given her when she was but a child, before she had passed away, "Wish me, luck Mom, I have a feeling I am going to need it."

-------- End Log ----------


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