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Reflections of a Renegade Werewolf

Posted on Mon Dec 27th, 2021 @ 9:16pm by Fifth Year Daulphine Student Polly Patagonia

Polly lay in the backseat of the Impala, parked in the middle of a field somewhere in Bolivia: She had spent the past several hours sitting on the hood and watching the stars. Doing so had given Polly a fresh dose of perspective on just how small she really was.

As Polly lay against the rear passenger door, a couple throw pillows being the only thing between her head and the door card, trying to sleep, she was in a reflective mood that was keeping her from sleeping. Deciding that perhaps putting her thoughts to paper might tire her out, Polly reached up and clicked on the interior light before reaching down and foraging through her duffel bag, grabbing a pen and notepad she had picked up at a Bolivian novelty shop and opened it to the first page:


Greetings from somewhere in Bolivia! I hope you're doing alright in your safe location; I too, am slowly making my way back to Chile and my werewolf pack.

I wanted to preface this by apologizing for my rashness back at the school: You have no idea how much I've regretted tearing off my locket and handing it off to you. If I had known going berserk wouldn't have made a damn difference, I wouldn't have done it. But I'm glad to know that you've kept the promise I irrationally asked of you in the heat of the moment, and have kept the locket safe. Perhaps if we ever find each other again, I can be reunited with it.

After the headmaster gave the surrender, I took off into the forest. I managed to throw the cultists off my trail before I finally collapsed out of exhaustion. I'm told that not too long after I passed out, I was discovered by some good Samaritans from Nightforest. They hid me in town for 2 days I'm told while I slept it off.

Once I had awoken, the good Samaritans fed me one last meal before sending me off on my way. My original goal was to travel to Brasilia to reach the Chilean Embassy, but that would have been too many miles through hostile territory, and making the direct overland route to Chile Via Bolivia seemed a more logical thing to do, given the school's location within Brazil.

Since I no longer have my locket to inhibit my transformation, I travelled in wolf form, since I can cover greater distances that way. I met up with this werewolf pack who let me travel with them, as I was fleeing Brazil for the same reasons they were. However, I only stuck with them until we crossed the border in Bolivia. If I might add, we had to illegally cross, since the border was sealed. They were heading for Peru, which was in the opposite direction from Chile, so naturally, it was a good point to part ways at.

You wouldn't believe the amount of clothes I've gone through on this trip, though: That's because every time I go into wolf mode, I tend to tear through any clothes I am wearing and leave them behind as tattered rags. When I was still in Brazil, I was anticipating this, and I tried to burn the clothes whenever I could. That way, the cultists couldn't link torn clothes to werewolf transformation. Once over the border, however, I grew a little more relaxed with the abandoning of the clothes, the cultists should have more important matters to deal with, especially if what I've heard is true, and that they've formed a nation state in the Brazilian Civil War. Lord help whoever was left behind.

Anyway, after ditching one of my latest outfits, I lay down to rest in a muggle's field one night, and he found me the next morning. Kind gentleman allowed me to stay with his family in exchange for assistance around the farm, and during that time, I have come into possession of an old Chevrolet Impala; same year and model as that one from that American TV show I love to watch. Her name is Bebé; and though she's a little rough on the edges, both inside and out (hey, she sat in this guy's field for years!), like I am, she's a good strong runner. In fact, I'm writing to you from her backseat after spending hours watching the stars while sitting on the hood. I've got to say, you really get a good idea of just how small you are staring off into the cosmos for hours on end.

Back on track, once I got Bebé up and running, I decided that was my time to move on: The farm family gave me a good few changes of clothes, as well as some Bolivianos as payment for my assistance. Ever since then, my road trip to Chile has been rather uneventful: Since I have Bebé now, there's really no need for me to travel in wolf form anymore, since I can travel greater distances in Bebé than I could even as a wolf. I think I'm going to hold onto Bebé even after I get home. I'd love to see the look on Prince's face when he sees her.

Boy, this writing sure has helped weigh my eyelids down. It was a good move to pick up this notebook and pen from that novelty shop and get my thoughts into words so they don't continue to weigh on my mind. I'm sure now that all this stuff is off my chest, I'll sleep soundly even in this uncomfortable position.

I'll be hitting the road when I get up tomorrow. Hopefully when you hear from me next, I'll be back home in Chile.

Stay safe, My love!

Yours truly,

(TL Note: The above has been a rough translation of what Polly originally wrote, which was completely in Spanish.)

After signing off, Polly put the pen and paper back into the duffel bag before reaching up to click off the light, this time feeling better about her chances of getting to sleep.


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