Summer Break at School

Posted on Sun Sep 26th, 2021 @ 4:14pm by Third Year Sylphs Student Tifa Valentine

Dear Diary,

Silly I know but I've taken to keeping this diary mostly so I can remember my thoughts and my days, especially so I can write home to Dad. He was not exactly happy when I told him I planned to stay the summer when school let out. Not that I blame him we haven't been apart this long since I was a little kid. Most of my schooling was done at home because my father was afraid of how people would respond to a little girl causing snowstorms in the classroom when she was mad.

I've spent most of my time studying potions, and history, and learning to control my powers. It's so much fun learning how to control the snow and ice, I've taught myself how to ice skate too because the Professor let me freeze the pond, of course, that was only after getting permission from the inhabitants of the pond to make sure that it wouldn't hurt them. So I practiced freezing and unfreezing the pond making it snow in small areas so I didn't destabilize the summer season.

It was exciting I learned to make snow figurines or animals and managed to use my magic to give life to them if only temporarily. I missed riding Hera my horse so I had made a life-size horse out of snow. I mean here I was standing there looking at this horse wishing I could ride it through the forest and the next thing I know it's moving! I couldn't believe it. I even wrote home to dad about it. He seemed surprised and excited when he wrote back telling me that he missed me and life wasn't as exciting with me staying at the school for the summer. Dad told me about how my brothers are keeping him on his toes for sure.

I get letters from my brothers too asking me when I'm coming home granted, Vincent was in college so he tells me about his time there and what he's studying, so I get that he doesn't write as often but it's nice to know he thinks about me. Chris, however, writes daily about silly things as if he's trying to make me feel like I'm not missing anything from staying here for the summer.

Snow Thief is thriving here especially since I can control a small area outside the dorms that he can enjoy and I'm not upsetting the other girls in the dorm with well, um a few piles of snow. I admit I was nervous when I first came here and made it snow a few times in the dorm room. Not exactly the wake-up call anyone wants. I mean it's not like I did it on purpose. With Prince's help, I managed to get that under control because he found a place for me to use my snow freely which was as I said around the pond. Anyways, I have to get back to my studies school is starting up again and I'm so nervous. I'm not even sure that I'm completely caught up yet and am ready to be in the same grade as some of my classmates. Here's hoping I am though.

~ End Journal Entry ~