Broken Unity

Broken Unity

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Status Completed Mission

It's been 4 weeks since the Empire's take over and school has returned but not to normal, corridors and classrooms are barely open because the students have either fled the country, been withdrawn from the school by their parents or died in the battle for the school. Students will be trying to deal with overcoming stress from the battle.

The Warriors of the Oracle's have sighed a pact with the Defensive Council of the Brazilian People. They are patroling Nightforest, increasing security but they are searching neighbouring like Peru or Venezuela for students some of the countries have offered assistance to quickly get rid of a potential threat.

Mission Group Book 1 - The Phantom Menace
Start Date Wed Jan 5th, 2022 @ 2:58pm
End Date Thu Mar 10th, 2022 @ 2:58pm

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