Fifth Year Sylphs Student Prince Malykhin


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Fifth Year Sylphs Student Prince Malykhin

Name Prince Malykhin

Position Sylphs Prefect

Rank Fifth Year Sylphs Student

Character Information

Gender Male
Species and Blood Status Vampire Pure-Blood
Age 15
House's Sylphs
Wand Description 13'5 inch springy Cherry wood with a Fairy Wing Core
Patronus Ukrainian Ironbelly
Pet(s) Male Kneazle (Snow)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 123.5 lb
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Physical Description Fangs and pointy teeth with a slight peach tone of skin colour. He has firm Brown eyebrows that look like they've been drawn on but his hair reaches down to his forehand and covering the tip of his pointy ears. He has hypnotic eyes simply meaning they are like a jewel.


Partner Remus Flower
Status Boyfriend / Girlfriend
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Drake Malykhin (161) (Adopted Father)

Alaric Malykhin (160) (Adopted Mother)

Dragon Malykhin (120) (Adoptive Brother)

Mordred Malykhin (119) (Adoptive Brother)

Sterling Malykhin (117) (Adoptive Brother)

River Malykhin (118) (Adoptive Sister)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Prince is quite shy at most. He often gets bullied by other students for being the only Vampire in the school and spends his time walking around with his school cloak over his head.

Despite that, he tries to be with friends as most as he can but hopes the can stay indoors but loves being around them and when he is with them he can often get silly using Hex's and making rude jokes.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Intelligent
+ Knowledgeable Of Magical Creatures and Beings
+ Connected in the Ministry Of Magic
+ Romantic and Poetic
- Aggressive
- Constant Prankster
- No afraid to resulting to Muggle Dueling (fistfight)

Vampire Traits

+ Can see in the dark better then most people
+ Slightly Faster and Stronger
+ Agile
- Burns in sunlight.
+/- Wounds heal fast when drinking blood or sucking on a Mini Blood-Flavoured Lollipop.
- Becomes dangerously hostel
- Allergic to Garlic
- Holy Water burns his skin
Ambitions Become a famous singer which is unlikely because some people think he's just a bloodthirsty vampire. He'd like to start a family with a gentleman and raise a few children
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies

Language and Accent

English Accent.

Speaks Brazilian Portuguese and some English

Personal History Prince and his adopted family live in Nightforest the village in the Amazon that's close by the school. He never knew his blood parents his Adopted mother just found him in an alley in the south section and wanted to keep the poor soul as they were a Vampire and it'd be better if he was with his own kind.

So he had brothers and a sister that wasn't related to him but they treated him like he was. Mum and Dad weren't always home to look after baby Prince but their wanna be famous Dueller daughter was she stayed to study spells and whatnot. But they didn't stay in the house all the time they often went out for walks and didn't get back until it was pitch black.

It wouldn't be until he was 11 he'd get his letter of acceptance letter from Castelobruxo his family congratulated him and helped him get the things he knew where he could get them. All of them could be sold in the Nightforest Village but they were always supportive of him.

When he attended the school he walked over it wasn't far and it was either walk Portkey or Mordred crashing into trees on his broom. He was sorted into Sylphs just like all his Adopted family. He got looks as he was the only Vampire in the school and still remains to this today but made friends.

In his Second Year, he did nothing of interest but growing up. He often got into trouble for being late and talking in class just minor crimes but still, he spent most of his time with friends than studying.

During his 3rd year, he sorted grew up and actually studied for his upcoming OWLS exams he spent most of his time in the Libary studying only coming out for food or it was closing time he tried to ram as many facts he could into his brain. Which paid off, in the end, he got 'Outstanding' in every class and felt proud and his family was proud of him they hadn't seen or heard of anyone getting all outstanding in their OWLS before.

In his 4th year, he listed to every word the teacher said instead of talking to his friends about anything else than the topic. He still kept his friends close he enjoyed having them around makes him feel happy and secure. But when it came to the end of Term he kept in touch with them and met up with them after the end of the year.

Returning to school for his 5th year will show many different things for to him to do.
Academic Record/Progress 2018 - Present
Student & House Prefect

Took Music & Arithmancy & Muggle Studies Teacher (Later dropped)

2014 - 2018

OWLS Exams
Charms: Outstanding
Potions: Outstanding
Transfiction: Outstanding
Herbology: Outstanding
Care of Magical Creatures: Outstanding
History of Magic: Outstanding
Defence Against the Dark Arts: Outstanding