Fifth Year Ravenclaw Student Casey Severide


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Fifth Year Ravenclaw Student Casey Severide

Name Casey Severide Jr.

Position Exchange Student

Rank Fifth Year Ravenclaw Student

Character Information

Gender Male
Species and Blood Status Human, Half-Blood
Other Names CJ
Age 15
House's Ravenclaw
Wand Description 10' 1/4" Solid Rowan Demiguise hair
Magical Possessions Magically enhanced Honda Valkyrie motorcycle
Animagi Form Natural Born Animagus (registered at age 6) Raccoon (primary), can change into a beaver, fox, and fire crab.
Patronus Triceratops
Pet(s) Raccoon- Rosco
Great Horned Owl - Wing Nut

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8'
Weight 167
Hair Color Dirty Blond
Eye Color Blue/Green
Physical Description Was your average midwestern teen. Short hair, tanned skin, light fuzz on his face. Two things most people notice when they see him are the blue-green eye, and the long scar running from his hairline to his chin on his left side, and the burn scar on the side of his neck.


Status Single
Children None
Father Casey Severide Senior (Muggle)
Mother Elizabeth Severide - mother (Witch), Amber Tuttle Severide - Step-Mother (muggle)
Brother(s) Franklin F Tuttle Half Brother (17 Muggle)
Sister(s) Melissa Tuttle Half-sister (14 Muggle)
Other Rupert Hedge (Great Uncle) British Wizard

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses + Muggle things (engines, motors, machines, etc)
+ Transfiguration
+ Quidditch (chaser/beaker)
+Enjoys working out

- Shy around women
Ambitions work in the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office
or work as Muggle Studies teacher
Hobbies & Interests + Mechanical and electrical machines
+ Strange muggle items
+ Working out become physically stronger
+ Quidditch
Language and Accent English, Some spanish, some German

Personal History Born in the midwest state of Iowa USA, in a medium town, Rochester is mostly a farming town. Born to Casey Severide Senior, and Elizabeth Severide a witch. Casey Jr. Or CJ was raised as a normal kid until around the age of 5 when magical abilities started to show when he started being able to turn into a raccoon. His dad was worried but found that it was also so very useful, mom was paranoid that Muggles would find out. Mom had figured out how to get him registered as aniamagus

When he was 7 a fire broke out in their little farmhouse. CJ got scared and turned into a raccoon to hide. His mother came in to find him and was badly injured and died from the wounds. CJ was devastated after spending his time out in the barn trying to "remove" this magical shape-shifting ability. Dad caught him and convinced him that he is special and to use it. Not hide it. As a disration from the pain dad stated including him in his projects in the barn, cars, bikes, farm equipment list goes on. CJ loved it and enjoyed spending time with Dad.

He was an average student in school having to hide what he was from everyone. He meets and befriends a pretty girl named April Daniels a neighbor girl that lived on the farm down the road. They spend lots of hours in the barn working on various projects.

When they were 10 a car hit April on her way to meet CJ, she was killed instantly as the car struck her bike sending her under the car. CJ was devastated again.

To make things worse his Dad started to date a women Amber Tuttle and her two kids. The kids were stuck up and treated CJ as trash. He spent more and more time in the barn.

One day CJ had enough and accidentally shoved his stepsister with magic in front of her brother. They told their mom and things started to spiral out of control. The stepmom locked him in his room, most days. His school work suffered and he became more estranged from his father. That was until uncle Rubert came to visit. His father told Rubert about what was happening and Rubert convinced his dad to let him come live with him in Scotland. Shortly after arriving in Scotland Rubert got him enrolled in Hogwarts. He was sorted as a Raven claw.