Fifth Year Daulphine Student Polly Patagonia


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Fifth Year Daulphine Student Polly Patagonia

Name Polly Anna Patagonia

Position Daulphine Student

Second Position Daulphine Team Captain

Rank Fifth Year Daulphine Student

Character Information

Gender Female
Species and Blood Status Werewolf half-blood
Age 15
House's Daulphine
Wand Description 9 inch whippy ash, dragon heartstring core
Magical Possessions Enchanted locket (currently in Milly's possession), Nimbus 2006 (Abandoned at Castelobruxo)
Animagi Form Is a (registered) werewolf ;)
Patronus Wolf

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Hair Color black
Eye Color yellow
Physical Description Polly can be described as the embodiment of Latin beauty; holding a rather curvaceous figure for her age. In wolf form, Polly is covered from head to toe in shaggy brown fur.


Partner Millicent McIntyre
Status Boyfriend / Girlfriend
Father Pietro Patagonia
Mother Paulina Patagonia

Personality & Traits

General Overview Polly is an outwardly friendly girl who does her best to suppress her werewolf nature, as she doesn't wish being a werewolf on even her worst enemies. The enchanted locket she wears prevents her transformation until she is ready to do so, at which point she removes it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths Include:
+Werewolf strength
+Perfect comedic timing
+Skilled Quidditch player

Weaknesses Include:
-Insatiable bloodlust (in wolf form)
-Overly protective of romantic interests
-Friend zones boys trying to flirt with her
-Silver bullets are lethal to Werewolves
-Speaks Spanish exclusively when extremely frustrated
Ambitions To one day cure werewolfry and help werewolves experience normal lives
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies include:
-Field and track

Interests include:
-Muggle studies
Language and Accent Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese. Polly speaks with a Spanish accent

Personal History Polly Patagonia was born in Chile in 2003 after her father infected, impregnated, then married her formerly human mother in that order. Much of Polly's early life was spent struggling with her werewolf identity and going on hunts with her parents. Polly hated the hunts, and the primitive animal she became during those times, and longed for a more normal life.

Polly's mother, Paulina, understood her daughter's urge for the normal life her husband had robbed her of, and so, for Polly's 8th birthday, she gave her daughter an enchanted locket that prevented her transformation. With the gift of the locket, Paulina had a reinforced room in their residence enchanted to prevent hers and her husband's entry in wolf form, and if they entered in human form, they could not transform. Paulina instructed her daughter that when the full moon rose to 'run for the panic room, and don't look back'. Paulina promised to join her daughter whenever she could, but more often than not, Paulina gave into her werewolf temptations, leaving her daughter to ride out the hunt in the 'panic room' alone.

Paulina's efforts to give her daughter a normal life attracted the attention of the staff at Castelobruxo, for in 2014, on Polly's 11th birthday, she received an acceptance letter from the school.

Polly was both excited and dreading attending Castelobruxo; excited on one hand that she would finally have the chance to make new friends, but apprehensive that she would forget her locket and suffer a relapse when the full moon rose, at best creating new werewolves, and at worst senselessly massacring students and staff or winding up on the receiving end of 'Avada Kedavra' out of self-defense.

Nonetheless, Polly spent the weeks leading up to first term procuring school supplies and feverishly studying both English and Portuguese in case there was someone at the school who didn't understand Spanish.

Polly was sorted into Daulphine at the sorting ceremony, and when she discovered the doom and gloom atmosphere of her house, she felt that it was a perfect fit for her.

Due to the strict gender segregation of the dormitories, Polly often preferred the company of the girls instead of the boys. As Polly grew older, and her sexuality developed, Polly came to realize that perhaps her better half was female. However, most of the girls she flirted with did not reciprocate her romantic feelings, and after getting rejected so many times, Polly kept her lesbian tendencies to herself.

That was, until fifth year, when a similarly sexually confused Hogwarts exchange student named Millicent McIntyre arrived on a two year muggle studies exchange program. Polly found out fairly quickly about the Ravenclaw exchange student's sexuality when the arguably attractive human girl began flirting with her as she showed Millicent around and the way to the Daulphine house, which Millicent had chosen as her foster house, as Daulphine sounded most like Ravenclaw back at Hogwarts.

It didn't take long for rumors to begin circulating that Polly was dating the Ravenclaw exchange student, and depending on whom you heard it from, the two were getting some fairly decent action as well.
Academic Record/Progress 2003 - Born

Age 11-