Headmaster Palmer Elizabeth


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Headmaster Palmer Elizabeth

Name Palmer Elizabeth

Position Headmaster

Rank Headmaster

Character Information

Gender Female
Species and Blood Status Human Muggle-Born
Age 47
House's Dauphine
Wand Description Chestnut wood with a Thunderbird tail feather 13 inches, Reasonably springy flexibility
Animagi Form Hawk - Registered
Patronus Mallard Duck
Pet(s) Dusty
Male Blue & Gold Macaw

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 126 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Blue
Physical Description White skin tone short brown hair and greying


Status Single
Father George Elizabeth III
Mother Karen McCoy
Brother(s) George Elizabeth IV
Younger by 1 year

Personality & Traits

General Overview Palmer is an easy-going and exaggerate person; she enjoys time with her family and friends plus her friends she works with. Palmer has been known to favour everyone she knows
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength
Easy going

Terrible at spell’s
Ambitions To have a happy ever after.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies
solving math problems

Language and Accent Victorian London accent but speaks Brazilian Portuguese and English

Personal History Palmer was born in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in the 1970’s with her mother and father and a year later her brother. They lived in a small flat that suited them just fine. Palmer started off in Muggle Primary Schools and sometimes students that she disliked would often fall over.

When Palmer got her acceptance letter in 1981 she was excited and worried she had friends at home but it would be nice to get away from the family and enjoy roommates. During her time at Castelobruxo she made many friends in and out of her house, most notably Gillian Bluewater, Adric Ledwick in Undies house.
In her second year Palmer picked up quite a few extra subjects and got flying which she really enjoyed feeling like a bird high in the trees she layered and tried out for her house Quidditch team getting the position of Backup Chaser.
However in her 5th year things took a weird turn she had to choose what to focus on Quidditch or her O.W.L.S she chose Quidditch which came to bite her on the butt she only got a passing grade for Transfiction.
In her 7th year she became the team’s full time Chaser now which pleased Palmer as she wanted to take the sport up as a full time job but focused more on her N.E.W.T.S learning from her mistake last time also she managed to achieve her Apparition licence.

After leaving school things went bad she couldn't get a try out for Quidditch and so took up a desk job in the Ministry like her friend Bluewater working in the Sports department this meant filing paperwork on the national teams for various sports which she found tedious and boring. After 2 years she had given up on life she had her old school friends but was tired of work hating everything to do with it.

After she was told she was being transferred to another department she just accepted not complying the pay was the same for the junior she was. It was just bringing students from the school and making sure they were taught how to Apparition and when they were all gone she often got to legal cases re-doing adults for their Apparition license but after a while it got boring.

4 years in the role doing the same thing over and over she was offered something and not transferred, she was offered the Ministry teaching job teaching people to disappear which she jumped at. She actually enjoyed this posting; she could happily joke around with a group of people and they would listen to her. Also seeing her old best friend join the school was a welcoming sight as she had someone with something in common.

Following Bluewater became Headmaster Palmer offered her services to teach Transfiguration for a time until a teacher could be found she also liked this because after the 7th year’s had gotten their Apparition licence she would just go back to the Ministry and overlook filing work now she had something else to do instead of paperwork again.

Following Bluewater being removed Palmer felt upset that the man she had been friends with and secretly loved had been forced to quit something he enjoyed. Palmer choose to apply for the role to honor his legacy which is what she done and latter getting the role of Headmaster
Academic Record/Progress 1970

1981 - 1988
1st Year Student - Graduate
Age 11 - 17

Took Arithmancy, Divination, Xylomancy and Magical Theory for her Electives

Auditioned for House Quidditch Team
Offered role for Backup Chaser

Potions - Troll
Charms - Poor
Transfiguration - Acceptable
Herbology - Dreadful
Arithmancy - Outstanding
History of Magic - Dreadful
Defence Against the Dark Arts - Poor

Arithmancy got upgraded to Advanced Arithmancy

Became team’s permanent Chaser

Achieved Apparition licence

Advanced Arithmancy - Exceeds Expectations
Divination - Acceptable
Magical Theory - Exceeds Expectations
Xylomancy - Exceeds Expectations
Transfiguration - Troll

1988 - 1990
Brazilian Ministry of Magic
Sports Department

Transferred to Magical Transportation

1990 - 1994
Brazilian Ministry of Magic
Magical Transportation
Apparition Test Centre

Offered Apparition Teacher at Castelobruxo

1994 - 2018
Apparition Teacher
Ministry Employee / Professor

Transfiguration Cover Teacher

After Headmaster Bluewater was removed Palmer applied for the role.

2018 - Present
School Administrator