First Year Undines Student Milena Cabral


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First Year Undines Student Milena Cabral

Name Milena Cabral

Position Undines Student

Rank First Year Undines Student

Character Information

Gender Female
Species and Blood Status Pure-blood Human
Other Names Millie
Age 11
House's Undines
Wand Description 10inches Ash with Phoenix tail feather
Magical Possessions Sneakoscope
Patronus Dog
Pet(s) Parrot named Molly

Physical Appearance

Height 4ft 8in
Weight 37kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Milena is blonde haired blue eyed girl of average height and weight.


Status Single
Father Emanuel (deceased)
Mother Ester (deceased)
Other Luiza (paternal grandmother: Alive)
Eduardo (paternal grandfather: deceased)
Raul Fraga (maternal uncle)
Lavinia (Maternal aunt by marriage: muggle born)
Tomás Fraga (maternal uncle)
Joana Fraga (Maternal aunt by marriage: half-blood)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Milena although a pure-blood witch has always been raised by her parents and then her grandmother to be tolerant of everyone in the world, whether they are muggles, squibs, muggle-borns, or half-blood's as equals, her pure-blood family is not entirely pure anymore as some of her relatives have married half-bloods and muggleborns of late.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Thirst for knowledge driven by her desire to be the best witch possible
+ Loyal to her friends
+ Protective of her friends

- Often is too focused on one thing and can't see the wood for the trees
- Can be a little too trusting
Ambitions Milena seeks to become an Auror to find the dark wizard(s) responsible for the deaths of her parents and to serve and protect the rest of the Wizarding and Muggle world from such evil.

Milena's longer term ambition is to settle down and have as many kids as she can, something her mother and father never quite got the chance to do.
Hobbies & Interests Reading
Wizards Chess
Language and Accent English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese

Personal History Milena Cabral was born on the 8th of April 2006 in Rio de Janeiro the only child of Emanuel and Ester into a pure-blood family both of her parents worked as Aurors for the Ministry of Magic, she never knew her father's parents as they died a year or so before Milena was born, but she did know her maternal grandparents quite well.

In 2011 Milena was living with her grandmother in Sao Paulo when news reached them Emanuel and Ester had been killed during the course oi their work as Aurors, leaving Luiza to not only mourn the loss of her husband but the deaths of her daughter and son-in-law, and raise her granddaughter.

Luiza raised her granddaughter as she had her daughter to be tolerant of all members of society not just those with a pure-blood status in the Wizarding world, the Fraga/Cabral families were tolerant of muggles, squibs, and muggle-borns unlike some families which had no time for those deemed inferior to them.

When Milena's acceptance letter to Castelobruxo she had been anticipating its arrival for weeks, Milena and Luiza set off to buy all of her school things, as soon as it could be done, Milena going to Castelobruxo would give Luiza peace and quiet when Milena was off at school.
Academic Record/Progress 2012-17: Muggle school
2017: Milena received her acceptance letter
2018: Milena began her education at Castelobruxo