Fifth Year Ravenclaw Student Millicent McIntyre


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Fifth Year Ravenclaw Student Millicent McIntyre

Name Millicent Symphony McIntyre

Position Exchange Student

Second Position Daulphine Beater

Rank Fifth Year Ravenclaw Student

Character Information

Gender Female
Species and Blood Status Human Half Blood
Other Names Milly
Age 15
House's Ravenclaw
Wand Description 12 inch swishy Aspen, unicorn hair core
Magical Possessions Cleansweep Thirteen (Abandoned at Castelobruxo), Polly's locket (temporarily)
Animagi Form N/A
Patronus Fox
Pet(s) Barn Owl named 'Blathers'

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Hair Color brown
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Millicent's pale skin certainly sets her apart from the regular Latin American students at Castelobruxo. She has been described to be well-endowed for her age and certainly carries the mystique of Ravenclaw beauty.


Partner Polly Patagonia
Status Boyfriend / Girlfriend
Father Rory Williams McIntyre
Mother Amelia Pond-McIntyre

Personality & Traits

General Overview Millicent is generally well-behaved and friendly until she hits the Quidditch pitch, at which point, she becomes fiercely competitive. Also, don't mess with her for who she is, for she becomes an entirely different kind of fierce when provoked.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths Include:
+Skilled Quidditch player
+Good learner
+/- Sass

Weaknesses Include:
+/- Defiant
- Jumpy at morning mail time, and not in a good way.
- Irrational fear of cats
Ambitions To become an animagus so Polly doesn't have to hide. Also, to become either an Auror or a muggle police officer.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies include:
-Pranking unsuspecting students (and the occasional teacher)

Interests include:
-Muggle culture
Language and Accent Languages: English, Scots, Spanish, Portuguese (learning the latter two from Polly). Millicent speaks with a thick Scottish accent.

Personal History Millicent McIntyre, or 'Milly' as she prefers to be know by, was born August 23, 2003 in Edinburgh, Scotland. The first and only child of Rory Williams McIntyre and Amelia Pond-McIntyre.

Milly grew up in a rather unique household, as her mother Amelia was a police officer in Edinburgh, while her father Rory was an Auror. The couple believed in complete transparency, and as such, Milly's early life was a mix of muggle and wizard life, which Milly came to accept as normal until she attended Hogwarts, where she met smaller minded wizards who thought differently.

There was always a 50/50 chance on whether or not Milly would be accepted into Hogwarts, considering that she could take after her father or mother in being magical or non-magical respectively. However, on Milly's 11th birthday, her acceptance letter came by Rory's old Barn Owl, Blathers, whose primary caretaker Milly would eventually become, roughly a week and a half before the start of term.

Having purchased all her school supplies just days prior, Milly took the Flying Scotsman solo for the first time down to London to meet the Hogwarts Express. Safe to say, Milly made her first few friends before she even reached Hogwarts by bragging to her fellow first years in her compartment that she took two iconic trains to get to Hogwarts before proceeding to ask sarcastically how their summers had been.

At the start of term feast, Milly was sorted into Ravenclaw. Though her father was disappointed she wasn't a Gryffindor like he had been, he respected the sorting hat's decision, calling that hat 'wise beyond its years'

As soon as Ravenclaw held its Quidditch tryouts, Milly tried out for the team and quickly found out there was a reason why not many first years made the Quidditch team, but that didn't stop Milly from training for the rest of the first year to try again next year. It wound up taking until third year before Milly finally made the Quidditch team, becoming a beater, and when she did, she became one of Ravenclaw's best beaters in years. One time, during a match with Slytherin, Milly sent a bludger at the Slytherin captain's head, knocking him unconscious and falling off his broom nearly 50 feet to the ground, nearly killing him. The act cost Ravenclaw a few points, but Milly had effectively single-handedly wiped Slytherin from the running that year.

As Milly grew older, she couldn't help but notice boys from other houses giving her weird looks. She was told not to think about it by her girl friends when she brought it up to them, which was where she found out that it was a widely held belief that Ravenclaw girls were some of the most beautiful in Hogwarts, and heard stories of boys from other houses dueling to the death over a Ravenclaw girl's affection. These stories creeped Milly out, and she grew to be repulsed by boys.

In fourth year, Milly got in trouble for an altercation in the ladies' toilet, where she tried to kiss a Slytherin girl whom, after forcing Milly off her, threatened her with bodily harm and the killing curse. Ravenclaw and Slytherin both had points deducted for the two girls' actions, a further investigation into Milly's behavior was launched when several Gryffindor and Hufflepuff girls came forward claiming that Milly fondled them in the exact same toilet that she attempted to make out with the Slytherin girl in, the investigation concluded with Ravenclaw being set so far back that there was no chance of them winning the house cup that year, which angered many in Milly's house.

At the start of fifth year, Milly was recommended a two year academic exchange program at Castelobruxo in Brazil. It was a subtle motion that Hogwarts was trying to wash their hands of her following complaints by both her peers and parents of the girls she had behaved inappropriately in front of.

Fortunately, Milly failed to understand the true nature of this recommendation, and was actually excited about seeing how magic was taught in another part of the world, ultimately deciding to take up the offer and become an exchange student.

After reviewing the houses at Castelobruxo, Milly chose Daulphine as her place to stay due to the house sounding similar enough to Ravenclaw. Of course, choosing to become an exchange student after the start of term at Hogwarts also meant after the start of term at Castelobruxo, and Milly turned up 'fashionably late' to the Brazillian school.

The first Castelobruxo student Milly met was a beautiful Chilean werewolf fifth year conveniently from the same house she had chosen. Not expecting to get anywhere with her, like how all her attempted relationships at Hogwarts went, Milly tried her luck flirting with the fifth year girl and was surprised when her affections were reciprocated, and before she knew what was happening, Milly was in a relationship with Castelobruxo student Polly Patagonia, causing rumors of the relationship to spread like wildfire amongst the student populus.
Academic Record/Progress 2003 - Born

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Age 11-14

Hogwarts Exchange Student
Age 15-