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Professor Diego Sanchez

Name Diego Nunez Sanchez

Position Muggle Studies Teacher

Second Position Daulphine Head of House

Rank Professor

Character Information

Gender Male
Species and Blood Status Human Blood Traitor
Age 65
House's Daulphine
Wand Description 13 inch rigid birch, Basilisk skin core with a handle made from fossilized Unicorn excrement
Magical Possessions 1962 Studebaker Transtar (Enchanted to fly and have increased passenger and cargo volume, registered with Argentinian C.O.M), typewriter (enchanted to self-type, registered with Argentinian C.O.M), Quidditch set
Animagi Form N/A
Patronus Sheep
Pet(s) American Shorthair x2

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color black
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Diego can be described as an 'average Latino'; tanned skin, greasy black hair. He keeps clean-shaven save for a mustache. Slightly overweight for his height, Diego can more often than not be spotted wearing muggle clothing, only donning wizard robes for very special occasions.


Partner Maria Luna Sanchez
Status Married
Children Martin Sanchez
Alexia Sanchez
Father Andreas Sanchez Sr.
Mother Mia Sanchez
Brother(s) Andreas Sanchez Jr.
Alvaro Sanchez
Sister(s) Marcela Sanchez
Other Expansive extended family on both parents' sides.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Diego can come off as firm and abrasive when you first meet him. This is due to his experience and history with the Argentinian Military. But deep beneath that tough shell, Diego has a friendlier side, rarely seen outside his family since he enlisted. However, Diego also has a dark side, manifesting itself in a strong anti-British sentiment, to the point where he isn't above harassing anyone who is British.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths Include:
+Well-versed with muggle culture
+/- Disciplinarian

Weaknesses Include:
-Strong anti-British sentiment
-Suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder
Ambitions To educate the magical public about their muggle contemporaries and vice versa. Also, to see 'Las Islas Malvinas' returned to their rightful owner:
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies Include:
Cars (He once tried to combine these two and create a version of Quidditch played with cars, but lack of interest led to him dropping the idea)
Sharpshooting (With both a wand and a muggle rifle)
Language and Accent Languages: English, Spanish, Spanglish. Diego speaks with a strong Spanish accent

Personal History Diego Nunez Sanchez was born on April 10, 1953 in Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina. The youngest of three boys and third overall of four children. Diego's early life was rather uneventful, including his education at Castelobruxo. During this time Diego came to accept his status as a blood traitor, thanks to the Argentinian magical community's unofficial policy of 'Primero Hermano, segundo muggle' ('Brother First, Muggle Second') meaning that even the purest blood Argentinian wizard families were ostracized by international pure bloods for this sentiment.

After graduation, Diego landed himself an internship at the Argentinian Council of Magic's Misuse of Muggle Artifiacts department, specifically in the Mishandling of Muggle vehicles sub-department; an internship which would turn into a full job that he would happily work for over a decade. During this time, the muggle National Reorganization Process came to power, and the Argentinian magical community's closer relationship to their muggle contemporaries would be put on display for both a national and international wizarding audience, as officials within the Argentinian Council of Magic who condemned the new muggle regime fell out of power and favor, being replaced by those who supported the muggle government.

In 1982, Diego answered Leopoldo Galtieri's call to 'Retake Las Islas Malvinas (The Falkland Islands) from Inglaterra (England)' and enlisted in the Argentinian Military, becoming one of the small number of wizards who fought in the Falklands War. Diego was placed in the Argentine Army, and was among the ground troops tasked with securing the islands and preventing the 'Inglesas' ('English') from retaking them. During the two month conflict, Diego saw many comrades die. Witnessing such devastating loss of life deeply affected Diego, and he still lives with the guilt of not using magic to save lives, as many fatal injuries could have been cured with a simple healing spell or potion.

At the war's end, Diego was repatriated back to Argentina by the British. Following his repatriation, Diego reapplied for a position in the Argentinian Council of Magic's Misuse of Muggle Artifacts office, and though he wasn't able to get his old job back, he was accepted into the Misappropriation of Muggle Firearms sub-department thanks to his knowledge of firearms from the Argentine Army. And Diego would quietly work this job for the next 34 years.

Diego met Maria Luna in 1983 as he was undergoing therapy for his posttraumatic stress disorder. The Falkland Veteran and the therapy nurse bonded over their mutual love of Qudditich (Diego also shared his amusing story of how he tried in his younger days to get a variation of Quidditch off the ground that was played with enchanted cars instead of on broomsticks) and wish to see Argentina win the Quidditch World Cup in their lifetimes, and before either one of them knew what was happening, Maria had a ring around her finger and was calling herself Sanchez. The two would go on to have two kids together, Martin and Alexia. Martin would follow in his father's footsteps and gain employment at the Argentinian Council of Magic while Alexia found success as a robemaker.

However, in 2016, Diego's quiet life would be shattered when he had an outburst in front of a group of British tourists visiting the Argentinian Council of Magic, saying things like 'Las Malvinas son argentinas' ('The Falklands are Argentinian') to the visiting British. This outburst led to both Diego and Martin facing inquiries. Though it was found out Martin was not at fault for his father's outburst, Diego was given an ultimatum: Resign or be fired. Diego chose the former.

Now unemployed, Diego began searching for a new job. However, that was easier said than done, as it turned out, nobody wanted to hire a deranged Falklands veteran who was susceptible to outbursts like what had happened at the Argentinian Council of Magic, even if Diego was quick to point out that it had taken over 30 years before his anti-British sentiment finally bubbled to the surface. Diego searched for employment for well over a year and was on the brink of giving up and trying to haggle with the Argentinian Council of Magic over his pension when he received word that the school he had attended so many decades ago was in need of faculty.

Out of options, Diego decided to apply for a job at Castelobruxo teaching Muggle Studies, as it would be a course he could naturally call upon his experience to teach, and at this point, Diego had hardly anything left to lose trying. Safe to say, he was quite surprised when Castelobruxo accepted his application.
Academic Record/Progress 1953 - Born

Age 11-17

Argentinian Council of Magic
Misuse of Muggle Artifacts
Mishandling of Muggle Vehicles
Intern 1971-1972
Employee 1972-1982
Age 18-28

March 25, 1982-June 22, 1982
Argentine Army
Age 28-29

Argentinian Council of Magic
Misuse of Muggle Artifacts
Misappropriation of Muggle Firearms
Age 29-63

Muggle Studies
Age 65-


O.W.L. Exams - taken 1968:

Potions - Acceptable
Charms - Acceptable
Transfiguration - Dreadful
Herbology - Poor
Care of Magical Creatures - Dreadful
History of Magic - Exceeds Expectations
Defence Against the Dark Arts - Outstanding

N.E.W.T. Exams - taken 1970:

Defence Against the Dark Arts - Outstanding
History of Magic - Acceptable
Muggle Studies - Outstanding
Flying - Exceeds Expectations
Apparition - Outstanding

Honors and Awards:

Order of the Liberator General San Martin
Cross to the Heroic Valour in Combat
Medal for the Malvinas Campaign 1982
Malvinas Campaign Medal of Gratitude