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Gilligan Bluewater

Name Gilligan Bluewater

Position Leader

Character Information

Gender Male
Species and Blood Status ½ Merpeople ½ Human Pure Blood
Age 48
House's Undines
Wand Description 11inch sturdy Rowan wood, Veela Hair core
Metal strips wrapping around the wood from the bottom leading up to the Green crystal where the magic is casted
Magical Possessions Firebolt broomstick x1
Patronus Shark
Pet(s) Amazon Rainforest Parrot x1

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 137 lb
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Purple
Physical Description Due to being ½ Merpeople and ½ he shares some traits with both of them. He was born with Grey hair and Purple eyes along with a bright blue merpeople tail. He got the short stick on the Human side though he has a human torso but no human legs despite that he has messy grey hair along with pointy ears.

Bluewater prefers to go by his last name as he dislikes his first name. With his tail he often rides on a broomstick and wears no shirt for his torso but in the winter he wears a winter coat upon his broomstick or a wheelchair if he is moving places. When he isn’t moving places he is in his office performing administrator duties. He also has a dueling belt equipped which is where he keeps his wand stored though he often leaves it within his office due to it being weak at spellcasting.


Status Single
Father Rubeus Jigger (Human) *DECEASED*
Mother Nix Nereid (Merpeople) *DECEASED*

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bluewater can seem shy and rude when you first meet him. That's because he is untruthy at first but when he gets to know you he can be more friendly. He enjoys talking and racing people, often Students than teaching staff on the grounds of Castelobruxo. Despite his merpeople tail he enjoys being with people even if it’s gliding next to you upon his broomstick or wheelchair.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength
Good flyer

Sometimes shy
Ambitions Become the Brazilan Minister for Magic which is unlikely cause he is a Half-Breed.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies

Muggle Music
Language and Accent

Brazilan Accent

Speaks Brazilan, English & Mermish

Personal History Bluewater was born to Pureblood and a Merpeople. He had kinda a difficult time growing up he lived with his father as his mother didn't want him as he would bring only shame to the tribe. He had many problems like not having legs and had to travel via wheelchair. But at the age of 11, he got his letter of invitation to join Castelobruxo.

He got all these things he needed for school in Nightforest the village that was nearest to the school and where he lived. He got his wand from Firefox's wand shop and she was a good friend of Bluewater and often babysitter when he was younger. After gathering all the things he needed he rode on a broomstick to Castelobruxo. His father taught him how to fly when he was younger and Bluewater felt freer on the broomstick than a wheelchair.

He was sorted into Undines House. He didn't care what house he was part off he wanted to make friends and that he did he made plenty of friends mostly people in his house. He enjoyed his time at School spell casting and doing other tasks. Though he was often could be a handful always asking questions whether it was about the topic or not the topic.

By the time of his OWLS, he wanted to be a sports team. His mind was set and his friends and father where supportive his teacher was concerned thinking a Half Merpeople couldn't do well but they had a duty to help him. He studied hard for the OWLS and passed some but failed some. In his 3rd year, he took the subjects Divination & Study of Ancient Runes but not for his NEWTS.

For his NEWTS he only had to take Flight for his dream job but cause the exam he needed others he took other subjects and managed to get an Outstanding in all. His father praised him for his exam's results.

He left school and applied for every Brazillian Spots team but didn't get any response or was told he didn't meed what they were looking for so he started an office job an Obliviator the job was quite simple to use the charm to remove memories but he didn't give for his dream job he kept applying. Until he got a tryout letter for Magical Congress of the United States of America World Cup Quodpot Team. Something super rare.

He took leave from his job and travelled to Magical Congress of the United States of America and went to Arizona for the tryouts. He had played the sport at school but that was 3 years ago. He came up with ideas on how to stop the ball from blowing up in his made-up team face but there was only 1 free sport. And Bluewater got it.
Spending 10 years on the team training and at National matches though he was getting on in years and didn't want to retire just yet and he got a letter about teaching Flight at Castelobruxo which he accepted.

He enjoyed being back at the Temple though none of his teachers was there the students he taught were brilliant and well behaved and listen to him mainly because he was a Fames Sports Player with experience of flying.
Coming 2001 he was offered Deputy Head which he took and reminded at his post the job wasn't heard really create timetables send acceptance letters and greet Muggle-Born and bring them into the Magical World.

But during 2018 the end of the year the Previous Head Teacher retired and so Bluewater had to take over. Some of the Staff, however, disliked Half-Breed teaching let alone becoming the Head of the School and so many left. But a new term has begun with new Students and New Teachers. What will happen at school is unknown.
Academic Record/Progress 2018 - 2018
Professor - Present

2001 - 2018
Flying Instructor & Deputy Head Teacher
Professor - Professor

2001 - 2018
Flying Instructor
Professor - Professor
Age 30 - 35

1991 - 2001
Magical Congress of the United States of America
World Cup Quodpot Team
Team Player
Castelobruxo Graduate - Castelobruxo Graduate
Age 20 - 30

1988 - 1991
Brazilian Ministry of Magic
Castelobruxo Graduate - Castelobruxo Graduate
Age 17 - 20

Picks subjects for N.E.W.T..S
Flying, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Transfiction and Divination

3rd year took subjects Divination & Study of Ancient Runes

1981 - 1988
1st Year Student - Graduate
Age 11 - 17


Outstanding in
Defence Against the Dark Arts

Charms: Acceptable
Potions: Acceptable
Transfiction: Troll
Herbology: Acceptable
Care of Magical Creatures: Poor
History of Magic: Poor
Defence Against the Dark Arts: Outstanding