Posted on Fri Feb 17th, 2023 @ 6:28pm by Headmaster Palmer Elizabeth


After discussing with Rajnil about the simm. We have agreed that it would be best if I, Ffion Willams return to the simm in my former OC and IC roles.
I am delighted to return to Castelobruxo and look forward to writing with you all once again!

Let's get back to school!

Mission: We will continue with our adventure through the Amazon Rainforest where we last left off. (Tags will follow suit shortly) which will continue into 2 other separate missions!

Discord: A new information text channel will be created, displaying students, staff and heads of departments with their respected discord users.

I am glad to be back, as this year makes the 2nd year Castelobruxo has been active (Jan 3rd, 2021). But as we all know, real life always comes first. Rajnil and I have so many ideas to take the game forward once more.

Ffion Williams
Co-Game Master.



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