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Civil War Update (Mission 4 recap)

Posted on Sat Dec 25th, 2021 @ 9:07am by Headmaster Palmer Elizabeth

This is the last paper to be realised in the north of Brazil by order from the Emperor of the Oracle and the Councilwoman Vera Falcão of the Defence Council of the Brazilian people.

Following the successful annexation of Castelobruxo, God-Emperor Adric Ledwick's empire has risen up calling the battle a "tragic loss of lost people". The death count is still being counted and many students have fled the region in fear of their lives but some were captured and brought back to the school. Headmaster Elizabeth was arrested but a student by the name of Prince Malykhin killed the hated DADA teacher and former bounty hunter Maleficent Chainsaw if these weren't dark times there would be people rejoicing at the news of her death.

Now our update on the Brazilian Civil war.
In the north, an alliance has been struck between the Empire of the Oracle and the Defence Council of the Brazilian people promoting military assistance but aiding in helping those injured at the battle of Castelobruxo and creating a better economy for both nations... This alliance is strong and bright people of both nations are looking forward to making friends with their anarchist neighbours.

The Federal Republic of Brazilan Magic has managed to completely destroy the nations in the north and with the alliance that has formed they are now moving down south attacking the United States of Brazil though Minster for Magic Inkwood has continued to call for the International Confederation of Wizards to aid him, they continued to decline his offer and the FRBM (Federal Republic of Brazilan Magic) is knocking on their doors.

The United States of Brazil under the presidency of Mrs Mônica Saxon still wishes to fight the Mazewood Research Corp through congress and the senate is totally against wishing to try a diplomatic solution. The Saxon bloodline is full of muggle & muggle-born haters they once were the Minster of Magic before the collapse of government that followed this year.

The Mazewood Research Corp security forces have not fired a single spell towards the USB (United States of Brazil) they still are sticking to their business ideas, researching and selling to the world not wanting to cause the downfall of a Brazilian nation. However, these actions have caused the board of directors to call a vote to remove CEO Diana Prestes Leitão.

The nations are getting hotter and hotter with every conflict, the longer it wages war the longer people will die. WIll it calm down? Will life return to normal as it was with the Minstry of Magic? No one knows as tey begin to fall at the hands of the FRBM.

Morgana Pendragon
Chief Executive Officer
((Palmer Elizabeth, Headmaster))


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