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Election Results (Mission 3 recap)

Posted on Thu Sep 30th, 2021 @ 7:17pm by Headmaster Palmer Elizabeth

Before we begin readers with the results of the Ministry elections within our nation we will for the last time inform you of the runners:

* Minister for Magic Gorge Inkwood

* Ambassador to the Muggle President of Brazil Cícero Fagundes da Silva

* Mrs Mônica Saxon

* Doctor Roberto Bosco Rocha

It was clear that 24 states would go to Mr Cícero Fagundes da Silva, 1 state to Mrs Saxon and another to Doctor Bosco Rocha while the Minster for Magic (who threw his hat in the ring must later) would achieve 0 states. But with the remaining 3 weeks of campaigning, he achieved 13 while the gentlemen we were predicting, Cícero Fagundes da Silva dropped down to 11 states.

At this time Minister for Magic Gorge Inkwood has succeeded in getting his first elected 4 years in office and will remain as Minister for Magic however there is a public outcry accusing Mr Inkwood of rigging the election. Ambassador to the Muggle President of Brazil Cícero Fagundes da Silva is in the process of gathering support in the Ministry and in neighbouring states as well of the Muggle government. A civil war is being to look possible

What has happened despite the election? The Celebration of Voices happened! They may have been a bit late but the travelling carnival travelled to all of our magical villages celebrating Voices they arrived in the village of Nightforest just in the nick of time too just as Castelobruxo was being her yearly spring term for all students even Exchange Students took part in the celebration and will be returning to school on the 1st of October but will go through a short break for Halloween.

Morgana Pendragon
Chief Executive Officer
((Palmer Elizabeth, Headmaster))


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