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Minster reigns (Mission 1 Recap)

Posted on Mon Mar 8th, 2021 @ 8:38am by Gilligan Bluewater

Minister for Magic Elvira Boots took a week stay at our country's prized school Castelobruxo however it was quickly cut short. The Minster began observing Staff during their lessons and kept interrupting them and asking about strange things within Nightforest or some Witches and Wizard's call it the Amazon Forest. She also went out for a nightly walk which is not recommended and was heavily injured by a Caipora patrol bearing making it back with her life. Within her Hospital bed, she was told that it would take many years for her wounds to fully heal and that led to her being medically forced out of office.

Minister for Magic Gorge Inkwood a direct descendant of Aaron Inkwood the very first Minister for Magic. Minister for Magic Inkwood has taken the office of Minister of Magic and is begin to assembly his cabinet but Judes Horn a loyal adviser to the Minster has gone AWOL and nobody has seen her since.

We do not discredit Castelobruxo for the resignation of the Minister for Magic Elvira Boots. In fact, in a pervious article about the change of Headmaster, we still encourage you to allow your Witch or Wizard to attend

Morgana Pendragon
Chief Executive Officer


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