Welcome to Castelobruxo!

Welcome to Castelobruxo!

Honra , Nobreza E Lealdade
Honour, Nobility and Loyalty

The year is 2018 and it's troubling times for Castelobruxo. After 118 years the previous headmaster has retired from his post declaring Gilligan Bluewater his successor. Bluewater being a half-breed has already made many parents withdraw their sons & daughters from Castelobruxo because of their pure-blood hatred for half-breeds in senior roles. Bluewater with no skills under his role Castelobruxo is doomed to fail. But he has promised to make the school a safe home and family for any who wishes to seek safety. He was later removed from the role by the school governors and his friend Palmer Elizabeth as taken over

Many staff members have stood down for their positions ranging from teachers to caretakers and very few staff have remained for their personal belief or personal gain but there is no way to sort the gold diggers from the loyalists. People have applied and been interviewed for certain posts but they are not up for the challenges the job presents. There are lots of shoes to fill in, will you be one of them?

There is a lack of students at the school but some families have high hopes for the new administration and they have sent their children to continue their education. The school is also continuing to accept Exchange Students from all over the globe ranging from Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, Mahoutokoro, Koldovstoretz and Uagadou School of Magic.
Will you be a new member of staff, a new student or a returning student? The only limit is your imagination

The simm is a 13+ anyone under the age 13+ will be removed.

Infrequent, mild swearing is permitted.
Sexual content is permitted, with some limitations.
Mild violence is permitted.
RPG Rating 1 2 1

Latest News Items

» End of an Era

Posted on Sun Aug 28th, 2022 @ 7:55pm by Headmaster Palmer Elizabeth in Sim Announcement


Due to real-world issues (living and economic crisis in the UK). I am announcing my resignation as Co-Game Master of the game and my retirement from simming enforce.

Co-Game Master Rajnil has agreed to continue leading Castelobruxo. I fully support him and wish him lunch as Headmaster.

Ffion Williams

"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

» Civil War Update (Mission 4 recap)

Posted on Sat Dec 25th, 2021 @ 9:07am by Headmaster Palmer Elizabeth in Patronus News (General News)

This is the last paper to be realised in the north of Brazil by order from the Emperor of the Oracle and the Councilwoman Vera Falcão of the Defence Council of the Brazilian people.

Following the successful annexation of Castelobruxo, God-Emperor Adric Ledwick's empire has risen up calling the battle a "tragic loss of lost people". The death count is still being counted and many students have fled the region in fear of their lives but some were captured and brought back to the school. Headmaster Elizabeth was arrested but a student by the name of Prince Malykhin killed the hated DADA teacher and former bounty hunter Maleficent Chainsaw if these weren't dark times there would be people rejoicing at the news of her death.

Now our update on the Brazilian Civil war.
In the north, an alliance has been struck between the Empire of the Oracle and the Defence Council of the Brazilian people promoting military assistance but aiding in helping those injured at the battle of Castelobruxo and creating a better economy for both nations... This alliance is strong and bright people of both nations are looking forward to making friends with their anarchist neighbours.

The Federal Republic of Brazilan Magic has managed to completely destroy the nations in the north and with the alliance that has formed they are now moving down south attacking the United States of Brazil though Minster for Magic Inkwood has continued to call for the International Confederation of Wizards to aid him, they continued to decline his offer and the FRBM (Federal Republic of Brazilan Magic) is knocking on their doors.

The United States of Brazil under the presidency of Mrs Mônica Saxon still wishes to fight the Mazewood Research Corp through congress and the senate is totally against wishing to try a diplomatic solution. The Saxon bloodline is full of muggle & muggle-born haters they once were the Minster of Magic before the collapse of government that followed this year.

The Mazewood Research Corp security forces have not fired a single spell towards the USB (United States of Brazil) they still are sticking to their business ideas, researching and selling to the world not wanting to cause the downfall of a Brazilian nation. However, these actions have caused the board of directors to call a vote to remove CEO Diana Prestes Leitão.

The nations are getting hotter and hotter with every conflict, the longer it wages war the longer people will die. WIll it calm down? Will life return to normal as it was with the Minstry of Magic? No one knows as tey begin to fall at the hands of the FRBM.

Morgana Pendragon
Chief Executive Officer
((Palmer Elizabeth, Headmaster))

» Election Results (Mission 3 recap)

Posted on Thu Sep 30th, 2021 @ 7:17pm by Headmaster Palmer Elizabeth in Patronus News (General News)

Before we begin readers with the results of the Ministry elections within our nation we will for the last time inform you of the runners:

* Minister for Magic Gorge Inkwood

* Ambassador to the Muggle President of Brazil Cícero Fagundes da Silva

* Mrs Mônica Saxon

* Doctor Roberto Bosco Rocha

It was clear that 24 states would go to Mr Cícero Fagundes da Silva, 1 state to Mrs Saxon and another to Doctor Bosco Rocha while the Minster for Magic (who threw his hat in the ring must later) would achieve 0 states. But with the remaining 3 weeks of campaigning, he achieved 13 while the gentlemen we were predicting, Cícero Fagundes da Silva dropped down to 11 states.

At this time Minister for Magic Gorge Inkwood has succeeded in getting his first elected 4 years in office and will remain as Minister for Magic however there is a public outcry accusing Mr Inkwood of rigging the election. Ambassador to the Muggle President of Brazil Cícero Fagundes da Silva is in the process of gathering support in the Ministry and in neighbouring states as well of the Muggle government. A civil war is being to look possible

What has happened despite the election? The Celebration of Voices happened! They may have been a bit late but the travelling carnival travelled to all of our magical villages celebrating Voices they arrived in the village of Nightforest just in the nick of time too just as Castelobruxo was being her yearly spring term for all students even Exchange Students took part in the celebration and will be returning to school on the 1st of October but will go through a short break for Halloween.

Morgana Pendragon
Chief Executive Officer
((Palmer Elizabeth, Headmaster))

» Minster reigns (Mission 1 Recap)

Posted on Mon Mar 8th, 2021 @ 8:38am by Gilligan Bluewater in Patronus News (General News)

Minister for Magic Elvira Boots took a week stay at our country's prized school Castelobruxo however it was quickly cut short. The Minster began observing Staff during their lessons and kept interrupting them and asking about strange things within Nightforest or some Witches and Wizard's call it the Amazon Forest. She also went out for a nightly walk which is not recommended and was heavily injured by a Caipora patrol bearing making it back with her life. Within her Hospital bed, she was told that it would take many years for her wounds to fully heal and that led to her being medically forced out of office.

Minister for Magic Gorge Inkwood a direct descendant of Aaron Inkwood the very first Minister for Magic. Minister for Magic Inkwood has taken the office of Minister of Magic and is begin to assembly his cabinet but Judes Horn a loyal adviser to the Minster has gone AWOL and nobody has seen her since.

We do not discredit Castelobruxo for the resignation of the Minister for Magic Elvira Boots. In fact, in a pervious article about the change of Headmaster, we still encourage you to allow your Witch or Wizard to attend

Morgana Pendragon
Chief Executive Officer

» Daulphine Quidditch tryouts

Posted on Sun Feb 21st, 2021 @ 2:28am by Professor Diego Sanchez in Patronus News (General News)

To all Daulphine Students:

Are you looking for a fun and exciting extracurricular activity? If so, than perhaps consider trying out for the Daulphine Quidditch Team. House Quidditch Teams have recently been given permission to reform, and Daulphine is looking to be the first to host tryouts this season.

Due to a shortage of students, all years are welcome to come and test their mettle on the Quidditch pitch.

Open positions:






MUST be part of Daulphine house in order to participate*

School broomsticks are welcome to be borrowed for the purpose of trying out, but if accepted onto the team, one must own a broomstick by the first game of the season. Failure to acquire a personal broomstick by that time shall result in immediate removal from the team.

Must not be afraid of heights, as we play at least 50 feet off the ground.

Must not be afraid of high speed flying and maneuvers. Furthermore, one should be able to tolerate the G-Forces of such extreme maneuvers.

Must have a fair understanding of Quidditch and its rules.

Must not be afraid of bludgers flying at them.

*Hogwarts exchange students are welcome to participate, as they are not officially part of Castelobruxo's student body. However, if accepted onto the team, said Hogwarts exchange student must swear loyalty to the Daulphine Quidditch team and not try out for another house's team. Any such Hogwarts exchange student caught violating loyalty shall be subject to discipline up to and including removal from the team.

If such a person sounds like you, consider trying out for the Daulphine Quidditch Team!

Have a question? Direct any further inquiries to Daulphine's Quidditch Captain, Polly Patagonia.

Latest Mission Posts

» What now?

Mission: Unity
Posted on Mon Jul 4th, 2022 @ 3:59pm by Professor Sabrina III Chainsaw-Hecate & Fifth Year Sylphs Student Prince Malykhin & Third Year Hufflepuff Student Remus Flower & Fifth Year Daulphine Student Polly Patagonia & Third Year Sylphs Student Tifa Valentine & First Year Undines Student Milena Cabral & Fifth Year Ravenclaw Student Casey Severide Jr. & First Year Daulphine Student Rehan Paul & Third Year Sylphs Student Elisabeth Harper


Sabrina and the herd of children who followed behind emerged from the green foliage surrounding Lonely Town. But the only thing that stood in its place was fire, ashes and burning wood buildings what or who could have done this? Anyone left alive? Sabrina withdrew her wand to protect…

» Land ahoy!

Mission: Unity
Posted on Thu Apr 14th, 2022 @ 7:15pm by Professor Sabrina III Chainsaw-Hecate & Fifth Year Sylphs Student Prince Malykhin & Third Year Hufflepuff Student Remus Flower & Third Year Sylphs Student Tifa Valentine & First Year Undines Student Milena Cabral & First Year Daulphine Student Rehan Paul & Third Year Sylphs Student Elisabeth Harper


Entrance Lobby

Sabrina despite being the newest teacher and head of house despite never teaching before in her life ended up with the school trips that would be gifted as a "good riddance" to the 40 year old grumpy and mislabel teachers, like her predecessor Maleficent but regardless she…

» Headmaster's day out

Mission: Unity
Posted on Sat Apr 2nd, 2022 @ 1:44pm by Headmaster Palmer Elizabeth


Palmer sat at her desk in her office, it was once more another restless night, Prof Chainsaw had taken some of the student's on a camping trip and if it backfired then it would be Palmer's fault despite her not being anywhere near it. She was looking through the…

» Just fire me already

Mission: Broken Unity
Posted on Thu Mar 10th, 2022 @ 2:24pm by Headmaster Palmer Elizabeth


Palmer had been called to the Ministry of Education & Skills like a dog. She brought with her the basics of a governor meeting though there were no governors anymore much to her disappointment. But the evil Misa Claus, Harriet Nolan didn't care about the school, not since the…

» Runaway Part 2

Mission: Broken Unity
Posted on Thu Mar 10th, 2022 @ 1:32pm by Fifth Year Sylphs Student Prince Malykhin & Third Year Hufflepuff Student Remus Flower

Prince the 5th year sat with his friend, the 6th year Sylvestre Richard the blond hunk from Beauxbaton house of Cossu who Prince always sought when he needed to be confronted together they sat under an old oak tree which Prince had sat at for an hour after forcing Remus…

Latest Personal Logs

» Going Back For A Special Someone...

Posted on Sun Apr 24th, 2022 @ 10:33pm by Fifth Year Ravenclaw Student Millicent McIntyre

Milly had departed the Falkland Islands for Castelobruxo. But, before she had done so; she had left a letter in the Silverthornes' care, in case she didn't come back alive:

'Mum, Dad;

If you're reading this, then the Silverthornes have probably sent this to you because of my untimely death.…

» Just doesn't feel the same

Posted on Sun Mar 13th, 2022 @ 9:59pm by Third Year Sylphs Student Tifa Valentine

Personal Diary Entry: Just doesn't feel the same.

By: Tifa Valentine

Tifa was in her room gathering together items she would need for the camping trip. Though the young witch in training didn't think she would need her textbooks after surviving the amazon, Tifa still packed them in her pack.…

» Reflections of a Renegade Werewolf

Posted on Mon Dec 27th, 2021 @ 9:16pm by Fifth Year Daulphine Student Polly Patagonia

Polly lay in the backseat of the Impala, parked in the middle of a field somewhere in Bolivia: She had spent the past several hours sitting on the hood and watching the stars. Doing so had given Polly a fresh dose of perspective on just how small she really was.…

» Tifa's Decision

Posted on Fri Oct 1st, 2021 @ 11:01pm by Third Year Sylphs Student Tifa Valentine

------------ Start Log ------------

Tifa has gone to her bed in the dorm and dropped her things on it before realizing that there were others sleeping in the other beds, not a lot because not all the girls were back yet. Looking around Tifa made sure she hadn't woken anyone…

» Summer Break at School

Posted on Sun Sep 26th, 2021 @ 4:14pm by Third Year Sylphs Student Tifa Valentine

Dear Diary,

Silly I know but I've taken to keeping this diary mostly so I can remember my thoughts and my days, especially so I can write home to Dad. He was not exactly happy when I told him I planned to stay the summer when school let out. Not…